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People-Powered Communities

Decisions should be made with you, not for you. Change happens when we work together.

  • Let's bring people together in neighbourhood associations and regular townhall meetings to make our community a better place to live.

  •  Let's open up city hall and engage people in the political process.

Affordable Living

Everyone deserves an affordable place to call home. Homelessness in Ward 2 is costing all of us.

  • Let's invest in social housing and require affordable units in all new developments so that people can live a life of dignity.

  • Let's account for every tax dollar and increase transparency in spending.

Transportation Freedom 

People need a real choice in how they move around the city. As Barrie grows, gridlock will too.

  • Let's unlock your commute by investing in transit, bike lanes and accessible transportation. 

  • Let's build communities that are walkable, healthy & happy with safe streets that are well-maintained.

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